Bridge to Bridge

 Waimakariri River

Bridge to Bridge

Bridge to Bridge North - Sunday 25th June 2017

Bridge to Bridge - Sunday 3rd December 2017

Bridge to Bridge is 2 different events, the original Bridge to Bridge is held in December and the Bridge to Bridge "North" is held in June.

Sunday 25th June

Sunday 3rd December

Sunday 3rd December

These 2 events cater for everyone, first time riders to an elite rider.  It will test everyone.  If you want to go hard and fast or enjoy the scenery and power of the river, then this bike ride is for you.  You can race your mate or race your dad or mum, the bragging rights will be yours at the end.

The rides will cater for everyone, youngsters 13 and upwards for the 30km and 58km rides and 7 years for the recreational ride in December. Plus the rides lets everyone with a competitive instinct of old to have another crack, the Clydesdales for men 100kg plus and Clydesdalesses for ladies 75kg plus and the great category for Cancer Survivors.

The ride will see you tested by tracks that will be heavy in shingle, four wheel drive tracks, forestry, sand, some water and stop bank riding.

You will take in the magic and the power of the mighty Waimakariri River.  You will at times be riding right beside the river and then be on the stop bank viewing the river and dairy farm land, to the aerodrome as you ride past and toward the finish.

Yes; it is all downhill and makes it achievable for anyone young or old, it will be a challenge whether you choose the 58km ride, the 30km or 12 km recreational ride. Plus the amazing scenery right from the start to the finish.